Career Test Young is a tool examining the key values and needs of a given person that influence the process of making decisions concerning the choice of career path, education or work. It is designed for people aged 13-19. 

The test identifies the needs regarding professional preferences and assists in the process of determining a career path.

It examines 14 main predictors that influence contentment and job satisfaction.

It verifies to a large extent the wide range of possibilities that are currently offered by the labour market and allows to define the developmental path that is best for a young person. Additionally, it allows to analyse the match between professional preferences and the needs and goals of a given person.

The test is based on 14 predictors:

The comprehensive compilation of results includes recommendations from specialists and supports setting goals and making decisions concerning professional preferences.

  • a professional tool for teachers, educationalists and career advisors to diagnose a student in terms of professional preferences
  • building awareness of personal potential
  • identifying strengths and weaknesses in the area of choosing a major or career
  • determining the professional needs of a young person
  • diagnosis during developmental processes
  • specifying essential areas in the learning process
  • establishing an individual plan for personal development and determining a career path
  • a tool inspired by the Edgar Schein model
  • 84 questions on a scale from 1 to 6
  • time for completion: c. 20 minutes
  • a tool subject to standardisation
  • reports: short and long with recommendations - available in Polish, English, Russian and other languages
  • report made available directly after the completion of the assessment
  • Students and pupils of primary and high schools
  • Teachers, Career advisors, Psychologists, Educationalists, Parents



Test for people aged 13-19

Examples of reports

Short report
Medium report
Long report
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