The Profi Competence Test Database is the largest database of psychometric tests and training materials. Profi Competence Europe is a company that brings together international specialists in a number of areas related to human development and research. Over fifteen years of experience of a team of experts in various fields related to personal development and specialists in education and business made it possible to create the largest online database of competence and personality tests.

Competence tests for school and university students

For primary, secondary and university students to identify career paths and interpersonal skills.

Competence tests for companies and institutions

For companies and institutions, HR departments and authorities to test competences, diagnose job seekers and define career paths.

Competence tests for individuals

An on-line database of competence tests created for individuals to examine their personality, interpersonal and professional competences as well as their predispositions.


Many years of expert work have proven that Profi Competence psychometric tests are an excellent tool supporting professional and personal development. They are extremely useful in the work of specialists such as psychologists, sociotherapists, business coaches, coaches and other experts in numerous fields. Competence tests in the Profi Competence database have been meticulously tested for their effectiveness. Approximately eleven thousand tests were conducted among company employees as well as pupils and students, which made it possible to adapt the tools to the needs of specific clients. This is how reliable, properly selected psychometric tests were created, which meet all the quality parameters. After completing the test, each user receives a detailed report that allows them to better define their career path, areas for personal development, but also learn about their strengths.


Multidimensional personality test for adults


Test examining the level of emotions in everyday life for adults


A test which assesses the potential in the area of daily functioning for people aged 14-19

DISC Fundamental for Adults

A test examining the individual style of behaviour and communication of an adult


Multidimensional personality test for people aged 14-19.


Self-assesment test for adults


A test exploring the level of self-assessment for people aged 14-19


A test which assesses the potential in the area of daily functioning for adults


A test which assesses the potential in the area of daily functioning for people aged 14-19


A test which assesses key predictors of achieving success at work for adults


A test which assesses key predictors of achieving success for people aged 14-19


Test for adults examining predictors within the interpersonal area


A test which assesses predictors within the interpersonal area for people aged 14-19


Test examining internal predictors to create effective co-operation for adults


A test which assesses the internal predictors to create effective cooperation for people aged 14-19 years


Test for adults. It measures the weight of the factors that influence career choice and satisfaction.

DISC Fundamental for Young

A test examining the individual style of behaviour and communication of an individual aged 14-19


A test for individuals aged 14-19. It measures the weight of the factors that influence career choice.


All tests offered by Profi Competence are ideal tools to get to know yourself better, which is why they are worth doing. Designed by professionals and experts, competence tests are used to examine multiple areas of our personality predispositions, interpersonal styles, emotions and behaviours, professional and leadership competences, as well as to determine our career path. The tests are followed by a detailed report which helps us to learn more about the tested areas.
The time required to complete a test is mainly dependent on the number of questions in the test. It may take from twenty to sixty minutes, depending on the type of test. Each test is described in detail, including information about the test itself, the number of questions and the approximate amount of time needed to solve it.
Preparation for the test is a very important element, because the report and the results you get will depend entirely on the information you provide about yourself during the questions. This is why it is so important to be honest in your answers to the questions and to be in the right frame of mind. In order to successfully complete the personality test, you should ensure that you take the test with a good night's rest and sleep and with an open mind. You should also limit external distractions and concentrate on your reading. You should answer the questions in the competence and personality tests honestly and sincerely in order to obtain reliable information. It should be remembered that any attempt to manipulate the answers may cause the results to be contradictory, and this may lead to an unsatisfactory final result for the person tested.
The answer to this question depends to a large extent on whether you are working on yourself, on the areas that require development and you want to check the effects of this work from time to time by improving your results in the report of specific tests from the Profi Competence database. Tests should be repeated depending on our own personal needs, the need to support people close to us or employer's needs e.g. for employee evaluation, the process of employee migration between positions or during the recruitment process.
A behavioural interview is an interview conducted by our certified consultant which examines the needs, expectations, thinking and beliefs of a test participant. During such an interview the questions are asked in order to adjust the test in the most appropriate way and to determine possible goals of the test as well as the participant's needs.
In case you need an individual consultation with an accredited consultant, please use the CONTACT tab on the website and send your query via the contact form on the website or by phone on the contact number provided on the PC website. Each of our consultants is accredited by PROFI COMPETENCE TEST, which obliges them to follow a professional code of ethics when working with clients.
It serves to provide the respondent with information about the results obtained and allows the respondent to better understand them. During the session, the consultant points out the strengths and areas to work on, and helps to specify the goals and methods to improve particular competences. In order to understand the feedback session properly, it is recommended that the participant be involved in it. The consultant conducting the session may ask questions that will broaden the participant's awareness, inspire him/her and encourage reflection.
We recommend taking advantage of the PACKAGES offer of the Profi Competence database tests for the recruitment process, which includes a set of different tests dedicated to the needs of the recruitment process, but also for management and HR departments. These tests include: PCT-A (Profi Competence Test for Adults), My cooperation - A, Test Career, My work, PT Communication for Adults and many others, which allow, depending on the specificity of the position and the requirements of the company, to conduct a proper recruitment or support the HR department. Tests from the Profi Competence database will help HR specialists select and conduct employee tests according to the needs and goals of the organisation and at a time convenient for them. Online tests with very detailed reports containing results, descriptions and recommendations facilitate proper recruitment, match the employee to a given position depending on the employer's requirements and support the process of employee migration within the organisation.
You can interrupt the tests in the Profi Competence database at any time and return to them at a convenient time. In order to continue an interrupted test, log into your account in the Profi Competence database and click on the tab Tests → Tests in progress.
After the test has been solved, the result, which is a comprehensive report, generates itself automatically. The report can be generated again at any time. In order to do so, log into your account in the Profi Competence database, click Tests, then Tests solved and View. You can choose from different types of reports (short, medium, long) in different language versions.
PC TRAINING is an accredited specialist training course designed for psychologists, vocational counsellors, business trainers, pedagogues, coaches as well as recruitment and HR professionals and people who wish to become accredited PC consultants. The certified trainings teach how to effectively use psychometric tests in practice and facilitate diagnosing people's personality and professional predispositions using psychological and competence tests. The trainings are conducted by a team of psychologists, vocational counsellors, professionals with many years of experience in the field of personal development and coaching, who continuously undergo further training and work actively in the profession. Depending on the type of training, after completing it, the participant obtains an accreditation of a certified consultant of a given test and receives a Profi Competence Certificate, which, in addition to the acquired knowledge and qualifications, allows the purchase of Dedicated Licences with access to the database of tests and tools along with reports and recommendations attractively priced and allows cooperation with Profi Competence Europe.
There are no right or wrong results. The report allows us to identify our natural predispositions and to learn about our strengths and the areas we need to develop in order to strengthen them. It allows us to identify our level of openness to the world, as well as to gain an understanding of ourselves and perhaps discover something we didn't know about ourselves until now. Who among us would not like to know their potential? The tests in the Profi Competence database, following several thousand surveys, have been designed in such a way that their results are the most reliable and the most valuable source of information about ourselves.


Psychometric tools for schools

Tests and questionnaires for examining pupils and students with regard to their vocational aptitudes, as well as interpersonal, leadership, personality and many other skills. Ideal working tools for educators and teachers, as well as career office staff or parents and carers of younger children who would like to know more about the predispositions of children remaining under their care as well as about the areas which need improvement.

Psychometric tools for business

A selected offer of tests and questionnaires for specialists in various fields, which can be used as tools in everyday work. Psychologists, sociologists, coaches and many other specialists will appreciate the usefulness of tests from the PC BUSINESS offer. Tests from this offer are also designed for companies, institutions, HR departments and other units related to human resources management. The tests can be useful both for testing the personality and competences of the tested person in order to plan his/her development and determine the further career path, but they are also invaluable supporting tools in the recruitment process.

Psychometric tools for individuals

The tests offered by PC INDIVIDUAL enable the examination of personal, interpersonal and professional competences and predispositions. They are intended for people who want to learn about their abilities and limitations, and are looking for their own professional path. You can use the detailed report to find out more about yourself and work on the areas that require development.

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