Access to a TEST LIBRARY with psychological, personality, competence and other tests, designed for companies, HR departments and as support during the recruitment process. Selected diagnostic tools meant not only for business, but also for institutions and organisations and offices.

Access to a TEST LIBRARY with questionnaires, diagnostic tools designed for examining professional and interpersonal aptitudes, leadership skills, personality-based aptitudes and many others for pupils and students. These tests are invaluable work tools for educationalists, teachers and career advisors.

Access to a TEST LIBRARY for individuals. Professional and intuitive diagnostic tools with results and detailed reports for examining their professional, personality-based, interpersonal aptitudes and leadership skills and others.

A TEST LIBRARY with psychological, personality, competence and career aptitude tests in an online form with results and detailed reports. Diagnostic tools for many areas, such as: personality, self-assessment, co-operation, management, aptitude for management, emotions, motivations, strengths and areas for development in professional and private life, interpersonal styles, teamwork, coping in difficult and conflict situations, determining a career path, career preferences and others.

CERTIFIED TRAINING COURSES, which prepare participants for working with psychological tools/tests intended for the diagnosis of people in the field of personality and career aptitudes. Upon the completion of the course, each participant receives a PROFI COMPETENCE CERTIFICATE, which entitles them to make use of the special OFFER of the TEST LIBRARY, in the form of PACKAGES for specialists: Psychologists, Career Advisors, Coaches, Trainers.