Career Test is designed for adults. It measures the weight and significance of the factors that influence career choice and contentment as well as job satisfaction.

It defines 14 areas that display the values of an individual in professional life, incorporated within three components: perceived talents and abilities (areas of competence), basic values and developed motivators and needs.

It is a tool that investigates the key motivators and needs of a person, which should be met in the work environment as they affect contentment and satisfaction with the profession.

Additionally, it allows to analyse the match between professional preferences and the needs and goals of a given person.


The test is based on 14 predictors:

The comprehensive compilation of results includes recommendations from specialists and supports setting goals and making career-based decisions

  • a professional tool for HR specialists, trainers, coaches, career advisors, psychologists and consultants to diagnose an adult
  • building awareness of personal potential and professional preferences
  • identifying strengths and weaknesses in the area of functioning at work
  • diagnosis during developmental processes
  • fixing motivators at work
  • establishing an individual plan for personal and professional development in the area of career planning and job selection
  •  a tool inspired by the Edgar Schein model
  •  84 questions on a scale from 1 to 6
  •  time for completion: c. 20 minutes
  • a tool subject to standardisation
  • reports: short and long with recommendations - available in Polish, English, Russian and other languages
  • report made available directly after the completion of the assessment
  • Companies, Institutions
  • Universities, Schools for Adults, Career Offices
  • Trainers, Coaches, Career Advisors, Psychologists, HR Specialists